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Making libraries more effective
Sync with academicians needs to boost usage of library content.
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Enhance visibility of library resources

Adaptive Recommendations:
  • Recommend library content to students and faculties throuhgout their project lifecycle, based on:
    • papers and articles they read
    • reviewing papers
    • interacting with recommendations
    • writing their work-in-progress
    • discuss work with advisor or team members
    Anticipate academicians needs and suggest them useful library materials at right time.
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    Personalized updates for academicians:
  • Every academician have different need of content at different times and one-for-all mailers can’t serve the need. Thus often, update mailers are not appreciated by students and faculties.
  • RAx allows librarians to send personalized update about existing and new resources in the library for every registered user based on their current preferences in the academics.
  • Enhance visibility of library resources

    Adaptive project-specific recommendation of library content

    Improve the discovery of library content

    Concept-based search
  • Unlike traditional discovery engines used by libraries, RAx goes beyond keyword search. This allows discovery of relevant content that otherwise would be hidden, because they don’t have exact keyword match.
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    Semantic layer over keyword search
  • Discovery based on meaning of the concepts within papers or articles that user read.
  • “Seach by paper” is very useful in early stage of research when users don’t know what exactly to search for.
  • Improve the discovery of library content

    Smarter and faster discovery of useful content

    Easy and quick access to library content

    Clean interface to search all of library content
  • With the integration, institute users can search for all the content in the library easily from RAx.
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    One-click email-free request for library materials
  • Users can directly request library content from RAx. Such automation leads to increased usage of library resources.
  • Easy and quick access to library content

    Increase library's contribution in research output of the institute

    Improvise library budget allocation

  • With RAx reports librarians can now:
    • have comprehensive picture of new and on-going project activity
    • search activity on library content
    • interacting with recommendations
    • usage statistic of library vs external resources ( provided by RAx)
  • Anticipate academicians needs and suggest them useful library materials at right time.
  • Improvise library budget allocation

    Monitor real-time usage of library as well as external resources
    Connect library to academicians’ day-to-day work.
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